Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction - Our Warranty

One-year limited warranty on all labor.

For a period of one year, we warrant that our work will be free from defective workmanship. We will repair or replace our work as we deem necessary to meet building industry standards. We disclaim all other warranties or representations, express or implied. The manufacturer’s warranty is your only warranty on materials. Owner’s sole and exclusive remedy for defective materials is against the manufacturer. You agree to pay the cost of labor required to repair or replace defective materials.

To make a warranty claim, you must submit your claim in writing and deliver it personally or by first class mail, return receipt requested to: ARM Plumbing, LLC, 5939 Melqua RD, Roseburg OR 97471. The claim must include your name, the date of the work, the address where the work was done, and describe the alleged defect. The claim must be delivered within one year from the date when the work was completed. Any claim delivered after that date will be barred.