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For honest, reasonable and reliable residential plumbing repairs in Roseburg and the surrounding areas, look no further than A.R.M. Plumbing. The licensed plumbers on staff are ready to assist you with your plumbing repair needs.

The licensed plumbers with A.R.M. Plumbing have extensive experience with all types of residential plumbing repair services and are skilled at identifying the root causes of plumbing issues, providing innovative solutions for your plumbing needs. Check out the gallery of some of our services and repairs below.

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Residential Plumbing Service & Repairs Include, but not limited to:

Fixture repair:

Whether you have plumbing fixtures that are dripping, leaking, or just simply not working as well as they once were. Whatever the issue, one of our licensed plumbers will diagnose and repair the fixture, or recommend replacement.

Fixture replacement:

If your plumbing fixture is not working or worn-out, we can replace it with a fixture of your choice.

Fixture upgrade:

If you have been looking for a new fixture, for greater efficiency, green compliance or you’re simply ready for a change. A.R.M. Plumbing can upgrade any plumbing fixture you desire.

Water Heaters:

If you are experiencing problems with your water temperature, loss of hot water, duration of hot water, you could be in need of water heater maintenance, repair or replacement.

Leaking pipes:

Any type of leak in a plumbing system costs the resident money and is a cause for concern. If you are experiencing leaky pipes, call A.R.M. Plumbing today to address your issue 541-621-0969.

Toilet Repair:

Clogged and Running toilets are one of the more common problems our customers experience. Toilet clogs are often caused by asking our toilets to flush over their capacity, but more serious issues can also be present. If a noisy or clogged toilet is causing you problems, let A.R.M. Plumbing remedy this problem for you.


If you home is over 30 years old, if you’re remodeling, if you’ve had numerous leak issues over the years, or your house was piped with poly, galvanized steel, lead, copper water or cpvc water pipe, it may be time for a plumbing re-pipe. The plumbing re-pipe process involves replacing that old pipe with the latest in piping technology, the type of pipe used depends on the particular job.

Backflow Installation:

Whether you are on city water or have a well on your property installing a backflow system protects, you, your family and your community from hazardous chemicals and waste water that can be back siphoned into the potable water system without a backflow.

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