Why you might want to consider a Whole Home Water Filter

May 31, 2015

Cities typically draw water from a well, river or lake, the water is then treated in the plant before sent to our home, typically this is done by chlorination, filter systems and/or UV rays. When water lines are added to the city water system, when water lines break, when a fire hydrant is flushed or used, this may cause sediment to be pushed down the city water lines to our homes. A whole home water filter can protect you from over chlorination and the small particles of dirt and debris that can be found in city water.

A whole home water filter also helps protects those folks that are on well water. Well water can contain rust, the chemicals that are found in ground water and small particles of dirt and debris that are brought in by the pump from a well.

Water pumped from Rivers and Lakes need protection from feces, oils from boat motors and road runoff.

If your water is treated with chlorine, which some rivers, lakes, wells and city water systems use, a whole home water filter helps protect you from over chlorination.

If your water is purified by a UV system, it’s important to know a UV system purifies so many gallons per minute, if your system is over taxed it might not purify the water properly. Over taxing your system can be done by multiple resources requesting water at the same time, like the shower, washer, sprinkler, dishwasher and sink. Some UV systems do have a flow restrictor which can help avoid over taxation of your UV system. If your UV system does not have a flow restrictor, A.R.M. Plumbing can install one for you.

There are several types of home water filters that you can choose from, filters are designed to take out different things and handle a variety of water demands. You have to choose the filter system that meets the needs of your water source and the water usage required by your home and family. When a home water filter is installed we can typically leave off the hose bibs and cold washing machine line, but this depends on the layout of the plumbing for your house.

If you’re interested in discussing a whole home water filter, give the experienced plumbers at A.R.M. Plumbing out of Roseburg, Oregon, a call at 541-621-0969; we’d be happy to discuss your needs and come out to do an estimate for you.

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