Quick Tips from A.R.M. Plumbing

April 26, 2015

In my twenty plus years as a plumber there are things I consistently see home owners do that lead to plumbing problems or more costly repairs. These are thing that can easily be avoided, I’d like to share a few of these lessons with you today, maybe it will help save you a few dollars!

Using Drano & have a garbage disposal?

When you use drano or other drain cleaning products and the product doesn’t clear the stoppage. Remember, you don’t want to let the drain cleaner sit in a stopped up sink with a garbage disposal. The drain cleaner will deteriorate the lining of the garbage disposal and cause premature failure of the garbage disposal.
What should not go in my garbage disposal?

Be sure you are following the garbage disposal manual’s advice on what items can be put through the disposal. In addition to that, I can tell you I have snaked so many clogged drains over the years that were filled with potato peels. Remember anytime you put food into your garbage disposal, be sure that you run it, it’s also recommend that you run the water at the same time until the food has passed through the disposal. Allow the water to run an additional 15-20 seconds so the disposed product flushes completely through the drain line.

Deal with Rodent problems in a timely Manner

Rodents problems under the home not dealt with can lead to holes in your plumbing pipes.

How can I save on water consumption?

Repair leaky faucets, pipes and running toilets. A slow leak or running toilet can quickly run up your water bill. If your toilet is running, turn off the water line to the toilet until the plumber can service the toilet, to find the on/off valve for your toilet, look at the base of your toilet, it’s most commonly found installed in the wall behind the toilet.

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