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Summer Time - Check for Leaks

Jul 26, 2022


Summer time, is the perfect time to get all your plumbing repairs done before the cold weather sets in. Along with regular maintenance a big, To Do in the  summer is to check for leaks! 

It is difficult to find leaks when it is wet and raining outside, however, in the summer time it is much easier to find small leaks under and around the home. Trying to locate or checking for leaks in hot dry weather is not only convenient but it can end up saving you money. Calling a leak detection agency to come find your leak and then calling a plumber to fix your leak leads to unnecessary bills that can sometimes be avoided by checking for leaks when there is no other water or wet spots on the ground. 

If you notice your water bill increasing you possibly have a leak, if this is happening to you then give us a call and we will send someone out to take a look.

If you’re interested in getting an estimate to get your leak repaired, give the experienced plumbers at A.R.M. Plumbing out of Roseburg, Oregon, a call at 541-621-0969; we’d be happy to discuss your needs and come out to do an estimate for you. 

Why you might want to consider a Whole Home Water Filter

May 31, 2015

Cities typically draw water from a well, river or lake, the water is then treated in the plant before sent to our home, typically this is done by chlorination, filter systems and/or UV rays. When water lines are added to the city water system, when water lines break, when a fire hydrant is flushed or used, this may cause sediment to be pushed down the city water lines to our homes. A whole home water filter can protect you from over chlorination and the small particles of dirt and debris that can be found in city water.

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Quick Tips from A.R.M. Plumbing

Apr 26, 2015

In my twenty plus years as a plumber there are things I consistently see home owners do that lead to plumbing problems or more costly repairs.  These are thing that can easily be avoided, I'd like to share a few of these lessons with you today, maybe it will help save you a few dollars!

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Roseburg Plumbing Service

Apr 03, 2015

For honest, reasonable and reliable residential plumbing repairs in Roseburg and the surrounding areas, look no further than A.R.M. Plumbing. The licensed journeyman plumbers on staff are ready to assist you with your plumbing repair needs. See more of the services we offer ....

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